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Real Madrid star, Gareth Bale, is likely to Honda return to the Premier League this summer. And, one of the clubs that are ready to Satria Fu contain it is Manchester United.

The Sunday Express reported on Sunday (12/21/2014), MU ready for massive spending MotoGP around 80 million pounds for the Madrid midfielder.

As is known, Vixion the Wales international has become the most expensive footballer in the world when it moved to the Santiago Bernabeu from Tottenham last summer. In fact, it’s time MU also interested to bring Bale to Canon Old Trafford.

With the power to spend the money necessary to Ninja shopping players, Bale is the number one transfer target MU. However, many people assessing the possibility of Bale’s move to Manchester United should be questioned again.

There are several things that make the transfer process will be difficult Bale. Among them about the performance of a player who has the privilege in the matter and speed kick.