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    For some reason I get for all the models that I run, zero-values in the estimates for “low and high” (see Output below). I tried it with several multi-Level data Projects that I have, and I also have it for the examples on this website. Below is the output that my computer generates for the basic example of the tutorial (hello xxM). AS you can see, the actual estimates are correct (for the example hello xxM), but for “low” and “high”… I get zeros…
    Probably I made a stupid mistake, but I tried already several things, so I dont know what my next step should be… all suggestions are welcome.


    > summary$fit$deviance
    [1] 445.4331
    > summary$estimates
    child parent to from label estimate low high
    1 student student y1 y1 student_theta_1_1 0.9691506 0 0
    2 student student y1 y2 student_theta_1_2 0.3381336 0 0
    3 student student y2 y2 student_theta_2_2 0.8934743 0 0
    8 teacher teacher eta1 eta1 teacher_psi_1_1 0.7523956 0 0
    9 teacher teacher eta1 eta2 teacher_psi_1_2 0.1283416 0 0
    10 teacher teacher eta2 eta2 teacher_psi_2_2 0.1592412 0 0
    11 teacher teacher eta1 One teacher_alpha_1_1 -0.1072756 0 0
    12 teacher teacher eta2 One teacher_alpha_2_1 0.2781498 0 0

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