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    How to open a Savings Account in Maybank? , What’s the matter ?, what’s the deposit, what’s the charge to? ..

    Haha, this is what I found in Google search how to become a legal account holder in Maybank.

    First go to the question counter. The bankers, kwsps and some of the few busy agencies need to have a counter from busy customers here and there and do not know what to do and become crowded. Imagine, there are busy people who have asked to exchange RM1.00 in RM10.00 no. Do you want to deposit money in the machine to deposit deposit or no problem. Do not deposit less than it should in CCRIS be marked non-paid for that month. Lastly, do not get RM for less because there is no kick.

    Ok go back to open an account. We need to know the Ordinary Savings Account or Current Account provided by this check book. The Ordinary Savings Account is required to deposit RM250.00, but for customers representing schools or factories, carry a referral letter only to be given a lower deposit value.

    Maybank Reference: English and Malay Version

    Maybank M2U Savers Account under Conventional Scheme
    Maybank Islamic Berhad Maybank2u Savers-i Account
    Term & Condition
    If CIMB is anyway, look at it

    The Current Account is required to be at least RM500.00 with a current account reference in Maybank as well. Current account terms, there is a need to maintain the remaining balance for non-levying fees (low fees) every 6 months.

    If I’m not mistaken, the monthly ATM issuance has a transaction limit and if it exceeds the limit, it will be charged RM0.50-RM1.00 but this charge is exempted if the minimum balance in account> RM5,000.00

    While the Regular Savings Account, it is required to maintain a minimum balance of RM10.00 in the account. If issued a Debit card, you have to pay an annual fee if I do not mistake RM8.00 a year. Debit card Debit card is that.

    If the old Yellow Debit Card does not have an annual fee but is often hit by a swipe machine. This new Debit Card is sold in 7 Years. There are various types of Maybank Debit Cards that follow our needs. Do not know this Debit Card FAQ click this . Learn more about Maybank Debit card click here .

    For a Joint Account , it is permissible to hold more than one person on condition that there is a legitimate relationship with either Husband and Wife or Siblings. Permission for Joint Account is type 1 signature or either 2 signature or 2 signature . If you want to open an account or close the account you need to come together. You must bring your Identity Card and the attachment to confirm your relationship. There is no fee for book use only if you issue a Debit Card.

    Maybank’s Debit Card is very suitable for cash in any kiosk and oil station. Supermarkets have a lot of Debit Card facilities but there are supermarkets that set minimum purchases of low birth weight. If at Mydin does not have a minimum purchase, buy RM9.00 can also debit the Debit Card.
    At the Oil Station should go to the counter (same as the shopping mall in the supermarket). Do not swipe in the oil nozzle machine because, automatically, RM200.00 is deducted as an advance deposit. Within a couple of days, it will just get back into the account.

    If Accounts in Maybank more than 1, request a link to all of those accounts in Maybank2u’s account for management, and use the same Maybank Debit Card. Well, I’m still waiting for 2 days still not linking my new account, it seems to have been to Maybank again.
    if you have any more concerns visit the following link

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