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      I am unable to get the tutorial to work as I am not familiar with R. The second command is given as
      brim <- xxmSubmodel( model = “brim”, level = “student”, parents = c(“teacher”), ys = c(“y1”, “y2”), xs = , etas = , data = student )
      on the webpage the command is
      brim <- xxmSubmodel( model = brim, level = “student”, parents = c(“teacher”), ys = c(“y1”, “y2”), xs = , etas = , data = brim.student )
      With the first command I get ‘object ‘student’ not found’ with the second I get a similar error unless I put brim.student also in quotation marks after which I get
      Error in if (levelidname != level) { : argument is of length zero
      Thanks for help

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      Paras Mehta

      Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the confusion.

      Neither the model object (brim) nor the dataframe object (brim.student) should be in quotes.

      Could you please try to run the script included with the package? You can find the script under “\xxm\models\brim” directory.  Once the packaged data is loaded using data() command:

      data(brim.xxm, package = "xxm")

      you can examine the contents by issuing the str() command:


      Please let me know if you have any trouble with script included with the package. The rest of the script should work if both datasets are loaded.


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