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      How much it costs to buy the iPhone 7 in Argentina
      A comparison of the values ​​that must be paid by cell if it acquires through the “door to door” or through an e-commerce platform as Free Market
      September 9, 2016
      And preorder the iPhone 7 launched , which already can book through the official website of Apple . The date of sale in retail stores will be launched on September 16 in the United States and some other countries.

      In Argentina there is still no retailers or mobile phone companies who will sell these devices Apple , which there are two options for purchase.

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      On the one hand you can use e-commerce platforms as a free market, where values ​​ranging between 20,000 and 30,000 pesos depending on model and capacity is offered.

      The other alternative is to use the door to door , in which case you have to calculate that 50% in taxes on the value to be paid is paid. Here, a comparison of the estimated prices of cell released, depending on where the purchase .

      The official price mentioned in the first column and corresponding to those published by Apple on your page, we must add local taxes that vary around a 7 and 10% depending on the state where the purchase in the United States is made. There are five where no taxes are paid per sale: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon.

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      Keep in mind that in the case of door to door shipping costs, which vary from case was not contemplated.

      On the other hand, if it is the first purchase made through this modality a discount of $ 25 will be received if the transaction through official mail is done.

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      With regard to delivery should be considered when the product exceeds 2 kilos or $ 200 (as in this case) have to go get the package to the branch. In the case of private couriers, these limits extend to 50 kilos or $ 1,000.

      The final price to be paid will depend on the official dollar exchange rate at the time.

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