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      Prices iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with Vodafone in Spain

      The iPhone 7 is undoubtedly the phone of the moment, the new Cupertino has excited, as expected, and although it does not offer new weight within the industry, for the Californian firm’s list of innovations is very extensive. This year for the first time the new iPhone will come to Spain in the first wave, and of course , also be available before on operators, as in this case Vodafone, who has made ​​public the price of the iPhone in July.

      IPhone 7 is not a cheap terminal, we already know all and buy it through an operator can be a big decision , especially because of the flexibility they offer to us with him. Only because we no longer have the opportunity to buy cash, but can also make us with him in easy installments with our rate.
      iphone 7

      IPhone price 7 and 7 Plus Vodafone
      As I have the best of us with the iPhone 7 in an operator such as Vodafone it is that we can finance your purchase and pay in terms of reduced fees, the problem is that the moment Vodafone has not detailed these deferred payments , so we just have both spot prices. UPDATE : We have updated the installment payment rates both mobile and Vodafone ONE data. Then prices.

      vodafone iphone rates in Julyvodafone iphone rates in July
      On the one hand Vodafone offers pay cash for 696 euros , except in the Super Yuser rate of 1.5GB of data that has a cost of 699 euros in its 32GB version. In the case of the 128GB version we can get him in a lump sum of between 800 and 809 euros, depending on the rate we are customers. Meanwhile the iPhone 7 Plus can be purchased from 825 euros, with the Red M rate in its 32GB version. On the other hand in the Mini S it is available for 831 euros in the Smart S 829 euros, and 825 euros for the Red L and XL. The Super Yuser of 1.5GB and 2GB offer 831 and 829 euros.

      7 design iphone

      The price of the iPhone 7 128GB is 809 euros in the Mini S , while the iPhone 7 Plus with 128GB the price rises to 929 euros at the same rate. In other rates prices 128GB version vary only slightly, with differences of eight euros maximum. One of the stars of the presentation of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus was the new version of 256GB, but is not yet available. The colors that are available on iPhone 7 is the new black “Jet Black”, gold, gray and pink gold. Meanwhile the iPhone 7 Plus is available in all these colors except gold rose.

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      Recall that the new iPhone in July highlighted by a new design, cleaner, with antennas in the upper and lower ends and a sphere of larger chamber. Apple also highlight its new A10 processor, eliminating minijack, your new home button, stereo speakers, enhanced camera photos or eg new AirPods, which will be the replacement for the traditional handset.
      apple iphone 7

      iPhone 7 Complete technical sheet
      Complete technical iPhone 7 Plus tab
      As Vodafone facilitate the price of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will update the installments in this table, so keep alert to present in Movilzona.

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      I have iPhone 7 )) great phone!

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      Everything about iPhone 7 and AirPods

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