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      Technology is now considered as an important component to facilitate the procedures and operations of a business. The widespread use of technology has not only provided extensive resources of education, but has also increased the scope and affordability of education. However, the implementation of technology is difficult in the educational organizations and has to face various challenges. First challenge is associated with the lack of professional development. The educational institutes lack ongoing and adequate professional development of professors or teachers who are responsible for the integration of new technologies in their classes. Due to lack of professional development they are unable to understand or unprepared to use new technologies.

      The second challenge is associated with the resistance to change. The school leaders, teachers and researchers are uncomfortable to implement technology in their curriculum design. Majority of these professionals prefer the technological experimentation outside their job description’s scope. They do not consider implementation of technology as important element of their job.

      Third challenge is associated with the availability of massive online courses. The lack of professional development and resistance to implement technology in teaching styles will cause the operations and teachings of educational institute to remain outdated and isolated from the modern technological system. Such institutes will be incompetent to show outstanding performance or to highlight their reputation among massive number of online Universities. Fourth challenge is associated with the delivery of informal learning.

      Due to the presence of test models and rigid lectures, the students are failing to engage and experiment in informal learning. The delivery of informal learning is possible by the elimination of traditional teaching styles and implementation of non- traditional models of classrooms. The fifth challenge is associated with the failure to utilize technology for delivering formative assessments. For any educational change and practice, assessment is the essential driver.

      However, the educational sector seems to possess an assessment gap in how changes in new skill demands and curricula are implemented. The educational institutes are unable to make the required adjustments in the assessment practices due to the presence of these changes. By the use of digital tools, for example webcams the teachers can use their timely feedback through peer observation.

      The Pacific Cambria University Ranking has designed few strategies to overcome these challenges. The main focus areas of these strategies are:

      • Directing the university’s educational programs towards online learning, blended learning and collaborative learning derived by technology.

      • To increase the potential and effects of social networks in order to allow the leaders of University to engage students online.

      • To increase the exposure of students to technology and educational resources.

      • To make the education affordable and accessible by the implementation of technology.

      • To hire effective staff that is completely aware of the implementation of technology and understands its significance.

      The Pacific Cambria University Ranking has trained its existing teaching staff in order to improve the technical skills of the teachers and have hired effective mentors to conduct online classes. The hired instructors completely understand the significance of technology and possess intellectual skills to design online syllabi and connect with the online students. By making the teaching staff trained in technology, will ultimately eliminate or overcome their fear to adopt technological changes in their teaching styles.

      The training will enhance their information about the importance of technology and will make them comfortable about its use in classrooms. Due to all these efforts, the Pacific Cambria University Ranking is now showing outstanding and competitive performance in the educational sector. The University is still making efforts to implement digital tools and methods in their administrative sector.
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